Are you looking for Sponsorship?


British Horse Feeds are looking for Speedi-Beet Team Members that feel passionately about their fabulous feeds and feel they deserve sponsorship*.

Is your horse a competition superstar or perhaps he is involved with a local charity? Has he survived against all odds or is he simply a loyal friend?

Whatever your horse does, tell us why he's special by simply visiting the British Horse Feeds Facebook page, post a photo of you and your horse, and tell us why you deserve sponsorship.

British Horse Feeds will then contact a selection of people to discuss sponsorship and the final Speedi-Beet Team Members will be announced in the spring.

Alternatively, you can send a photo and entry for consideration to: Claire Hogarth, TSM Ltd, 1 Doncaster Road, Gunness, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 8TG.

*For full terms and conditions please see below.


Full Terms & Conditions

• Sponsorship will be provided in the form of a monthly feed allowance (maximum of two 20kg bags per month) and branded clothing, no cash alternatives will be offered.
• Feed will be provided on a monthly basis for one horse only and British Horse Feeds reserve the right to offer selected products only.
• Branded clothing will be made available in the form of two saddle cloths and a branded jacket or gilet.
• Sponsorship will last for 12 months only and British Horse Feeds reserve the right to withdraw sponsorship at any point during the 12 month period.
• Speedi-Beet Team members must not promote or receive sponsorship from any other horse feed or associated companies during the 12 month sponsorship period.
• Persons wishing to leave the 12 month sponsorship agreement must provide two months written notice.
• By accepting sponsorship you agree to having your name, photographs and written information on the British Horse Feeds website and social media channels, in national and regional publications and on British Horse Feeds marketing materials for the duration of the sponsorship.