A New Lease of Life for Steve – Thanks To Fibre-Beet

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TWELVE-year-old Thoroughbred and ex-racer, Steve, came to Dottie Davies 18 months ago and was in bad shape.

Dottie, based in Daventry, saw that Steve was skin and bone. Everyone told Dottie he was a lost cause and that she was a fool not to get him euthanized.

But there was something about Steve and Dottie somehow recognised he was a fighter and instantly fell in love with him and wanted to help get him better.

When Steve was brought home he was diagnosed with Hunters Bump, stomach ulcers and kissing spines and had extreme muscle wastage.

Dottie commented: “I was as broken as he was, as I have progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I desperately wanted to save him.

“For nine to 12 months, thanks to the amazing care from Walnutt Hill Equine Veterinary Clinic; massage therapy from Klick Equine Sports Massage; an amazing instructor; ground work, ridden work and Fibre-Beet, Steve is 100% better and looks really well.”

Dottie has had horses and donkeys all her life and has continued her passion by running a busy livery yard. She also owns a Welsh Section D called Pops who is Steve’s best mate.

“Fibre-Beet has worked wonders with Steve’s recovery and he looks in so much better condition.

“We are hoping to do some show-jumping this year and I am so pleased I found Steve as he is such a special horse.”