A Special Year for the Original & the Best Product

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THIS year, British Horse Feeds is celebrating Speedi-Beet’s 21st Anniversary, a huge moment for the brand and a great opportunity to reflect on the product’s success over the years.
Back in 1999 British Horse Feeds, the equine feed division of the UK’s leading manufacture of premier animal feedstuffs, I’Anson Brothers Ltd., revolutionised the way horse owners fed beet pulp.
Speedi-Beet was created and thanks to its’ unique patented process, horse owners were able to feed a beet feed in just 10 minutes compared to soaking sugar beet pellets for 24 hours.  
The feed has a high proportion of soluble fibre, mostly pectins, which means its fibre is more easily digested than that found in forage e.g. hay. This makes it a great source of non-heating slow release energy.
Based on how well Speedi-Beet flourished, British Horse Feeds took to the drawing boards and created the well-recognised product Fibre-Beet in 2007. A conditioning feed that is a carefully formulated combination of Speedi-Beet, alfalfa and oat fibre supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium.
In 2008, British Horse Feeds was awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category, an achievement the company is extremely proud of and was delighted that Speedi-Beet was recognised with this accolade.
With no added molasses, Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free which means the feed is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as part of a balanced diet.
In 2018, Speedi-Beet became the first 10-minute quick soaking Beet pulp products to be awarded the Gastric Ulcer Feed Assurance Mark by the British Equestrian Trade Association.
This scheme meant that Speedi-Beet is suitable for horses and ponies prone to equine gastric ulcer syndrome as part of a balanced diet.
British Horse Feeds sponsored rider and International Showjumper, Jamie Gornall, of Gornall Equestrian commented: “We feed Speedi-Beet to all our horses, especially when we are travelling and competing because it is a great way to keep them hydrated.
“Speedi-Beet expands and holds five times its weight of water, so we know that our horses are re-hydrating which is really important, and the feed is an ideal fibre source. Happy Anniversary Speedi-Beet!”
Will I’Anson, Sales Director of British Horse Feeds commented: “It’s amazing how time has passed. Over the 21 years we have further enhanced and marketed Speedi-Beet to be the quick soak beet of choice, a now global brand supplying 38 countries. We have secured our raw materials buying a bespoke and unique beet pulp formula, British Made and only for our manufacture. We have embraced best practice for manufacture and have been successful in achieving a safe feed for Laminitics and endorsements from various feed schemes. Over the years the soaked fibre market has expanded partly on the back of our success and this sector of the market has grown, and we with it. We offer unrivalled quality of product, manufacture, service and reward loyalty to our customers. Yes, there is cheaper fibre solutions out there that claim ‘why pay more’? Quality comes at a fair price, and sells! We hold true to our values and are incredibly grateful to our growing customers! Thank you on behalf of us all at British Horse Feeds.”