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Meet Miri, a dedicated horse trainer and coach nestled in Hertfordshire. At her training facility, Miri extends a unique blend of training livery and coaching, underpinned by a holistic philosophy. Miri combines natural horsemanship techniques to help horses feel happy and confident on the ground and under saddle.

From connection, to ground work, ground work to ridden life and maybe soon to competition again, Miri’s approach seamlessly integrates natural horsemanship techniques, fostering a positive environment while all the time understanding what every horse needs as an individual.

Miri comments:

“I am delighted to be joining British Horse Feeds as a brand ambassador because I believe that diet and gut balance are deep rooted in the health and wellbeing of horses and their happiness. Having used British Horse Feeds for a number of years I have seen first-hand the power of fibre and hydration to gut and overall health of the horses. I like to feed simple feeds with no more than two ingredients ensuring the horses are not being fed anything they don’t need or can digest. I can’t wait to spread the word with the help and support of British Horse Feeds on this important topic.”