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Tilly is a thirteen-year-old cob who loves to be out and about and meeting people. Our activities include a bit of everything.  We take part in historical cavalry displays, from the English Civil War, to Victorian side saddle and First World War, during the summer months.  We also attend lots of shows, mainly concentrating on side saddle, but we have also recently started tent pegging.  Tilly is what you would call a true allrounder.
I have owned Tilly since she was a virtually unbroken four-year-old, and we have a great relationship built on trust, she is a pleasure to own.
However, Tilly is very cheeky and loves to stick her nose into people’s bags at our historical events, where she gets up close and personal with the public when they are making a fuss of her.

Proudest Moment:
Coming Reserve Adult Novice at the Side Saddle Nationals.

Feed & Routine:
Tilly is fed twice a day on Fibre-Beet and Cooked Linseed, with an added feed balancer. Tilly is ridden three or four times a week in the summer as she is a good doer and needs plenty of exercise to keep her weight down. During the winter she is only ridden two or three times a week, as we are very exposed here and the winter winds can be horrid and not fun for either of us to ride in. We try to be out competing, or at events, most weekends during the summer. She lives out in summer and is on a hard standing area with access to shelter during the winter.