Ash is BACK and doing well!

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Out of season and it’s still busy busy!
Unfortunately, not all has been plain sailing, as mentioned we have had an unexpected yard move, thrust upon us – whilst it’s working out fantastically it meant T had to do virtually all the moving on her own! I’d love to tell you that we travel ‘light’, but that’s so far from the truth. There is an awful lot of kit to shift, then setting everything up again and just as we get settled, thrown into the mix both T and myself were not feeling 100%! With four horses in work (yes FOUR!!! ASH IS BACK!!!) and the both of us trying to keep up with our day jobs, it’s been a somewhat a testing few months. T has been amazing, she has managed to hold everything together and keep things rolling over the past month. I have been suffering with a case of gastric flu which had me bed ridden leaving T to hold the fort whilst herself struggling with the lurgy. What a trooper! I really couldn’t do it without her.
So, nearly two stone lighter (every cloud and all that ) back to Ash… he is back, and not only that, I’m back on board too! It may only be walking at this moment (how boring ) but to be back on my pal is just amazing. He had a total of 11 weeks at Fallows Farm rehab, and they did such a fantastic job. T took the long journey to Manchester to collect him, then straight to Oakham Veterinary Hospital so Alex could take a scan and check his progress. With fingers, toes, eyes crossed, Alex looked delighted with his progress. Woohoo! Hats off to Fallows Farm , great job! So, a steady fitness and strengthening plan was set which includes 40 minutes of walking (why does that seem more like an hour and 40!), then introduce trot, increasing gradually over the next eight weeks. I can’t tell you how great it is to have him back, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to those people that aided in his return, you know who you are! Also, a massive thank you to British Horse Feeds, for providing a feed that has kept our boy happy and looking fantastic throughout he’s time recuperating. Ash was fed half to 3/4 of a scoop of soaked Fibre-Beet, twice a day, since his injury. We found that soaking with a little more water than usual, made his meal go further, keeping him entertained for little longer. Although he’s looking like a teddy bear, T is having to sit on her hands, she’s desperate to get the clippers out – in his winter woollies, his body condition is absolutely spot on.
A quick update on our other three horses; four-year-old Mindy is coming on leaps and bounds. We’ve managed to get her out to a few training venues. I like to make sure the young ones feel confident going to new places before we venture to an actual show. I had a great lesson with Simon Nicholson at Weston Lawns, plus outings to Vale View (thanks Alex Thompson), Field Farm (thanks Vicky Young) and Field House. Mindy can be a little tricky at times, but she truly gives me a feel of something very special indeed, watch this space, I’ve got my eye on the BYEH final this year!
Seven-year-olds Koko and Gradee (Basil) have been working very well. They’ve both been with us for a short time but both grasping the eventing life very well. Bas, coming from a show jumping background was chucked into the deep end and quickly completed three BE100’s before the end of the season. He is sure to move on through the levels very easily next season. Koko, although very inexperienced really has such a trainable attitude, the more I ride her the more I love her! She completed her 1st unaffiliated event with so much promise, with little more experience she feels like she will be able to skip around a novice in no time. Why did the season have to end?
BUT, with the sound of Christmas ringing in our ears, we are already thinking about what next year will bring. 2018 fixtures are out, so let the planning commence!
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kick on and stay safe,