Balli is getting ready for the competition season!

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The past few months Balli and I have been working hard on our flat work and building up the strength in her canter.
In January when we had all the cold weather and even some snow, it did not stop Balli and I. We were still out working on progressing and if she could not get to the field she was topped up with some warm Speedi-Beet to keep her warm and conditioned.
At the end of February Balli had a lazor treatment to help her loosen of before the season starts. With having these treatments she is feeling as good in her muscles as she is with her coat and tummy from the Speedi-Beet. Along with this I visited a chiropractor to make sure that I don’t inhibit any of Balli’s movement.
Also at the end of this month Balli and I had a lesson with Georgie Strutton who has recently taken over the yard that we are stabled at. It has been very beneficial having her on site to ask for tips etc. The lesson was very good as our canter was a little bit more consistent around the course, which is something we have been struggling for a while.
In the next month or so I’m hoping to hire some arenas just to get out and have a school round before attending any competitions. I have a few shows that I am aiming for us to be going to in the next few months so I’m looking forward to this.
Spirit and Rachel haven’t done an awful lot over the past few months but with moving to a new yard, settling Spirit was the main priority. After a short brake and now starting to get back into work, the Fibre-Beet has been a massive help to Spirits diet recently, especially with the fields not being so great. They are looking forward to getting out there and competing too!
See you in July for our next update.

Katelyn Brown and Balli