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Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year is going! Is it too soon to mention the C word yet? I know that the humans have produced some lovely cards if you fancy getting your hooves on some to send to your fellow humans. It’ll certainly help towards the hay bill I’m told!
Well I, along with my equine friends, are so sick of this rain we keep having, although it’s good for making mud to roll in. I think the humans are well and truly sick of it too. They might be walking round with smiles on their faces but they are doing good impressions of drowned rats if you ask me!
So what’s new? Well us donks (and I heard the horses too) got some extra tasty treats of hawthorn and brambles to forage through, although I barely got a look in with Coco. Such a greedy donk, leaving very little for the rest of us! Anyway I digress!
The horses got turned out into a new field which was of course very exciting, although watching them I was a little disappointed that there was only a little bit of prancing before they started stuffing their faces. Poor show indeed! I expected at least one or two laps of the field first.
We’ve had quite a few new horses arrive. Maisey is a 17 year old chestnut ad Wallace a 25 year old grey. They came together from a home where their owner died and their family have been struggling to care for them. Apparently, Maisey was a dressage horse! Ooooh fancy! And Wallace was once a cavalry horse.
We’ve also had a little grey pony called Snowy arrive who’s currently in quarantine. I can’t wait to meet him and hope to cause lots of mischief with him. Another new arrival went straight to one of the off-site foster homes. He’s called Jinkey and I’m assured he’s lovely!
All of us had our Autumn weigh in with the nutritionist Nikki, who advised on our feed and management over the winter months. Alfie had some acupuncture with one of the vets to help reduce pain and improve his mobility. He told me it didn’t hurt one bit and he actually felt really relaxed during it. Sago visited M&S in Moortown. Apparently it’s where you humans buy your food from and Hope Pastures is their charity of the year. It’s so great that local businesses help us as I’m told that hay costs a lot of money! I wonder if you can buy hay from there too?
Daisy is finally out of quarantine and has started to get to know some of us over the fence. Noah has been to have his erm…big boys operation or castration as the humans call it and has already found his own family to love him! Freya went to her new home and is settling in very well I hear.
Well, the next time you’ll hear from me it’ll be even closer to Christmas. If you speak to Santa don’t forget to tell him I’ve been a very good boy this year and would love some extra carrots on Christmas Day (if I can get a look in that is with Mr Greedy pants a.k.a. Coco around). P.S. I love him really. He’s my best friend!
All the best,
Love Banjo x