Caitlin Spellman: Hello from New Zealand!

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Here we catch up with the latest from our Brand Ambassadors Caitlin Spellman. Caitlin lives over in New Zealand and despite the lockdowns, she has been busy training her horses and developing her business.

Hello from New Zealand!

It’s been pretty quiet over here for a few months now as we’ve been in and out of lockdown again, which means no shows. I have had lots of exciting things happening around home though. My business is going super well I’ve got new clients and heaps of work!

All the ponies are good, Liberte is starting to learn some fancy dressage moves so that’s been exciting! I also welcomed another member to the family a couple of months ago. Her name is Sassy, she is a 10yr old warmblood cross that has done quite a bit of jumping previously. I’m very excited for the future with her and getting into more show jumping. She has been loving her Fibre-Beet feeds as she was pretty skinny when she arrived so it’s been awesome seeing the difference in her now she is on Fibre-Beet.

Also on the side of Spellman Equestrian, my boyfriend and I are starting up a photography business doing equine photography and weddings! Spellman Equestrian is also getting a website, I am building that at the moment which is super fun.

My plans for 2022 are to start training Liberte at level 5 dressage. I hoping to get out jumping 1.10m with Sassy and also teach River flying changes so I can bring him up to medium level working equation.

Caitlin Spellman