Brand Ambassador’s December 2018 Update

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Balli has only been out once this month at the end December to gymnastics training with Caroline Jeanne. It was definitely helpful for Balli and I, as it made Balli better with her turning yet she wasn’t as forward as her usual self.
Throughout the month Balli’s flatwork has been improving immensely and it’s great to feel as though we are getting somewhere. We also had a little jump round a course at home which she was definitely up for.
Now fully clipped she is not getting as sweaty when she is being exercised, but we are thinking about increasing her Speedi-Beet intake to provide her with more energy as she is lacking a little bit lately.
Over the next few months I’m also looking forward to some clinics that are being put on at our yard.
Wow. The last couple of months have gone so incredibly quickly it appears my November and December updates have merged into one!
Unfortunately we have had some family illness so between work, riding and hospital visits I have had very limited hours to get round to writing this update which is still going to be brief as I must go and start preparing for our pre-christmas Christmas lunch – apologies!
November brought the final push for regional qualification – it was put on the back burner and when I realised I needed my final points there was only three weeks left to go.
A couple of straight tests at Pachesham, not the biggest of scores but good placing’s and they were enough points to complete straight qualification. We are always a little rusty first time out in a while…. I think that is down to my test riding skills rather than Stanley’s ability!!
The Croft the following week for two music tests, 70% plus scores in both the Medium and Advance Medium which put a big smile on my face as those scores at this level are what you strive for. When it happens it’s such a good feeling!
Our regional qualification was now complete however as we had already entered we decided to go to Wellington a week later for a couple more music practices.
Unfortunately it wasn’t quite so successful, in the Medium Stanley wanted to show the judge all his flying changes and in the Advance Medium he was so cross I had spent the test before saying ‘No’ he pretended he had no idea at all what I was talking about and the changes were non-existent! One of those days best chalked up to experience but simply a reminder that our horses are not machines and we are all going to have days when it doesn’t quite go to plan! It makes the good days that bit sweeter.
December has been much more relaxed and Stanley is getting hairy in the field and we are just ticking over with some hacking and the odd lesson/schooling session. Although our last attempt may as well of been classes as swimming, I have never seen rain like It!
He has been treated to a sports massage for Christmas which he absolutely adored and has a new ‘Stan Cam’ in his stable so that we can make sure he doesn’t party too hard this Christmas. He is a horse that thrives being on a break, so at this time of year I still try and ensure he gets one before regional preparation begins in earnest.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring lots of health, happiness and exciting plans your way.
Hannah & Stanley