British Horse Feeds Supports Australian Horse Owners with Speedi-Beet Donation

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Following the plight of horses and ponies due to the devastating fires in Australia, British Horse Feeds has made a generous donation to help owners throughout the country.
British Horse Feeds’ team has donated bags of Speedi-Beet for retailers to hand out to communities that have been impacted by the fires, particularly Kangaroo Island.
Australia can be accustomed to long periods of drought where hay and haylage is hard to source and there is a high risk of dehydration.
Fibre-Beet is an ideal high conditioning fibre mash that can be used as a forage enhancer or to replace forage (up to 60% of the daily forage allowance). 1kg of soaked Fibre-Beet can replace 1kg of hay. And Speedi-Beet is a non-heating beet pulp feed that can provide rapid rehydration for horses whilst providing slow release energy without the ‘fizz’.
The soluble fibre in Speedi-Beet has a high water holding capacity increasing the amount of fluid in the horse’s hindgut. This reservoir can then be drawn upon during periods of exercise and warm weather to help replace the water lost through sweating.
These are just some of the reasons why British Horse Feeds products are a hit amongst Australian horse owners, particularly now with the current state of severe and savage bush fires tearing through the country.
Said Will I’Anson, British Horse Feeds Sales Director: “I’m pleased to hear and see on the news that much needed support is being offered from many sources. We are offering our donation of Speedi-Beet as its USP for rehydration could be crucial for convalescing animals or just additional support to owners who have fallen on hard times and welfare of their animals may be a problem. We are concerned about a country and people that over the years we have come close to and privileged to supply. It has become such an important part of British Horse Feeds’ development and has been aided by the great support of Australians, and therefore it seems very right that we should offer our support.
“I would urge other UK companies supplying Australia to show their support at such a dreadful time.”
Speedi-Beet can hold five times its water weight which means horses and ponies will be hydrating whilst tucking in to this nutritious feed, which is especially important for those that are recovering from the devastation of the fires.