Bumble Bounces Back with Fibre-Beet!

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Five-year-old Gabriella Marsh was very upset earlier this year when her pony Bumble became very lame due to a flare-up of laminitis.

Standing 11.2hh, Bumble is an 11-year-old Welsh Section A pony, who was prone to laminitis, meaning Spring brought constant worry when the lush grass started to come through.

Bumble’s owner (and Gabriella’s Dad) Allen Marsh said: “Bumble is a fantastic pony and perfect for Gabriella, but he was out of action for nearly six weeks last Spring, so we had to borrow other ponies for Gabriella to do Pony Club activities on, which wasn’t ideal, and she missed out on quite a lot.

“Poor Bumble was fed up being on box rest, and we were worried about his feet ever being right again, as they had become very weak through the recurring laminitis.

“After the latest bout of laminitis, and his lack of energy, we had Bumble tested for Cushing’s disease (PPID), which came back positive. It was stressful worrying about getting him sound again, and we didn’t know if he would have enough energy for Pony Club rallies and unaffiliated showjumping competitions.

“After being recommended Fibre-Beet, I’ve been really pleased with the results. Bumble’s feet appear stronger and he’s completely sound, his coat looks great, and he has plenty of energy – while still being safe for Gabriella. He even won the Pony Club Pony of the Year award for being so good at Mini Camp in the summer!

“Thanks to Fibre-Beet we’re looking forward to Spring, and getting out and about to rallies and fun competitions!”

Gabriella and Bumble have lots to look forward to in 2017, including Pony Club mini-camp and plenty of fun dressage and showjumping classes at local shows.

Fibre-Beet is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of Speedi-Beet product with added high quality Alfalfa for optimum condition, and quality protein for muscle tone and function. Added biotin for hoof quality makes Fibre-Beet a great feed for promoting hoof health, and it’s also suitable for horses and ponies susceptible to laminitis.
It can also be used as a forage replacer (up to 60% of the daily forage allowance) and can be soaked and ready to feed in only 45 minutes in cold water, or 15 minutes in warm water.
High in fibre and ideal for providing bulk for healthy gut function, Fibre-Beet maintains the same hindgut conditions and function you would get from a horse on good quality hay or grass, but with the added bonus that it produces less lactic acid.

Quick soaking and cost effective, a 20kg bag of Fibre-Beet contains over 100 scoops of soaked feed and the RRP is around £12.30 a bag.