Caitlin Spellman: New Zealand Winter

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As we head into summer, here we catch up with brand ambassador Caitlin Spellman all the way in New Zealand as they head into their winter months.

Hello from NZ! We’ve just come into winter here which means lots of rain and mud. Luckily my horses have been clipped so they are wrapped up warm and toasty in their covers! They get pretty excited when we get a fine day with their covers off, they get super muddy!

Liberté and Sassy had their first clips this year, both of them I did in the paddock without a halter on while they were eating their grass! River and Annie also did the same.

All the winter competitions are underway now which is exciting! Liberté had her first jumping competition last weekend and was a star. I completely threw her in at the deep end. Not only was this her first jumping show it was also her first time in an indoor arena. It was her first time jumping fillers and the first time she’s jumped more than six jumps in a row! It has been over a year since she was at her last competition or even off the property!

We had a couple of stops in the 60cm to start with but she managed to jump everything perfectly until jump eight when we had an unfortunate dismount at the Liverpool (she’s never seen one before!) and then was a little nervous in the 70cm so didn’t quite make it around. I could not be more proud of her, how she jumped and how well she behaved!

I’m really enjoying being out again and with my beautiful girl, I have so much fun with her!!

I’m also excited to say I have been schooling one of my client’s horses, Junior, for the past year and now get the opportunity to compete him. He had his first dressage events over the last couple of weekends and did super well! Lots of baby moments but he’s going to be amazing when he gets the hang of it! He also loves his Fibre-Beet!

I’m very pleased to have all the horses on Fibre-Beet coming into winter. They are all in very good condition and holding their weight nicely.

Business is going really well and I’m super busy! Clipping season is in full swing so doing heaps of that right now! I am also schooling quite a few horses as well as teaching lessons! ConTact C.A.R.E is keeping me busy too as there’s always horses that need work done!

My plans for winter are to get Libby out to some more jumping shows. I will be bringing Sassy back into work too and hopefully get her out to some shows as well.

My partner is learning to ride so River is busy teaching him, they make such a great team! Miss Annie turns 23 in a couple of months but is still going strong, I had a little jump on her the other day. She is also teaching a few kids to ride in their lessons!

Well that’s what’s happening here, hope everyone stays dry and warm for winter or even the summer back in England.