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Well, hasn’t this year just been crazy for everyone!
I managed to go to two events in the short period of time. Both with Frank and both events went really well. It seems so long ago now. Our first event together was at Keysoe BE80, where we finished 4th. We then attended Burnham Market BE90, where we finished 2nd! I was over the moon with both outings and wasn’t at all expecting to come home with prize money. The hard work training with Tiny really paid off at both events.
As well as helping me with my riding, Tiny helps me to become a better sports person. As I’ve said in previous blogs, she often gives me tips to improve my horsemanship at home and general management. Encouraged me to take up fitness classes to aid my riding and has given me access to receive help from other professionals that she uses – as part of her team for her own horses. More recently it has given me an interest in learning bits and pieces on rider psychology and helps me to think about things with more of a positive mindset. I believe all of this coaching has enabled me to perform better and has improved my own teaching too!

Some of my favorite Tiny Clapham quotes to help inspire others:
1. Repetition, repetition, repetition!
2. Sometimes you need to ride through the bad, to make it good.
3. Today, we are striving for the perfect imperfect.
4. Is this issue a “training” issue, or a “dealing with the competition horse” issue!?
5. Think about how you can communicate with your horse differently. What different parts of your body can you use to give you more aids in your toolbox?
6. You need to convince your horse that she can!
I was fortunate enough to still be able to have a couple of lessons with Tiny from home last week – however due to the latest lockdown I haven’t been able to teach, as all riding schools were closed. I’m sure any riding instructors out there will agree that the guidelines have been very confusing as to whether we were allowed to run lessons or not. I’m looking forward to getting some routine back again and seeing all my clients when we can re-open the riding school on Wednesday December 2nd, 2020.
My lockdown jobs this time round have included finally finishing the winter turnouts (the horses seem to be loving their new gardens!) painting the stables, oiling fences and lots of clipping done!
Catch up again soon,
Coral x