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January saw us back at Arena eventing, but this time I had stepped up to the 80cm class riding side saddle. We were a bit on the slow side, but managed to get a clear round and came away with 10th place.

We attended a ladies day which involved a fabulous cooked breakfast, a ride around the estate, followed by tea and cakes. We even managed to get a photo of us jumping.

We have also had our first proper go at tent pegging, and oh my goodness, its so much fun. Think gymkhana games for adults. I found out that the Tent Pegging Association was holding a training day just down the road, so I contacted them and asked to join. Paid my membership and off I went. We learnt the correct way to use a lance and how to try and pick up a white peg from off the ground. Tilly loved this, as for her, it just involved running at speed in a straight line while I attempted to line the sharp point of my lance up with the peg. We did manage to pick up a few.

The second day, they put on a competition where we managed to come 2nd in the novice class, then after joining up with a team to make the numbers up, we were thrilled to find we came 3rd in team. Team involved trying to pick up a peg with lance, then another run trying to do the same, but with a sword.

We were honored to be asked to take part in a side saddle display at Belton Horse Trials. We put on two displays, riding in Victorian costume for the first show, then normal habit for the second show so we could take part in the jumping.

Tilly has had her teeth done, vaccinations and also her back done by the lovely Holly Blackmore Equine Spinal Therapy. Tilly loves Hollys visits.

We attended a Concours D’Elegance show, did not get placed in our Victorian outfit, but we did win the Traditional Concours class in our modern side saddle habit. This has qualified us for the championship show in September.

We have attended a few side saddle clinics and the odd show, the last one being Napton show where we won the Adult Equitation, 3rd in the costume concours class and did our first working hunter class, riding side saddle were we also managed to come 3rd.

We had a lovely time on the Admington fun ride riding side saddle with lots of jumps.

Slightly different period of history to which we normally take part in, but we were invited to take part in a Restoration era (late 17th century) ladies display at Audley End, were we took part in a musical ride, did some jumping and took part in races. Tilly and I won every race.

This month has ended with a very busy weekend. Napton show being lady like on the Saturday, then off to Deene Park, Corby in Northamptonshire for a Sealed Knot English Civil War battle display. We rode on the Sunday morning and introduced Tilly to several members of the foot to remind her what it is all about. Then we went of to the living history encampment to talk to the public before getting tacked back up and heading onto the battlefield. After making sure Tilly was being sensible, we took over carrying our cavalry regiments cornet (flag) for the afternoons battle display. Tilly was brilliant and did everything I asked of her. The second day, we left the cornet behind so that I could get my sword out and use it.

First photo is Tilly in her weekend paddock with some of her friends.
A few photos from the battle display taken by photographer Rusty Aldwinckle.
Speak soon!
Jennie and Tilly