City of London Police Update

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Over the last three months, the Mounted Branch at the City of London Police have been working on a new style of policing tactic designed to deter, detect and disrupt criminal and terrorist activity in the City of London. Known as ‘Project Servator’ this innovative and collaborative community approach aims to further protect the local areas and build upon the safety and security plans already in place to ensure a safe and secure City. Project Servator will see highly visible yet unpredictable deployments of specially trained officers around the clock to keep people safe – at venues, on the transport network and on the streets themselves. The operational deployments involve both overt and plain-clothed officers working together with local businesses and communities to report suspicious activity. The horses are out daily working on this initiative, providing much needed high visibility policing in the Square Mile.

We have also purchased a new police horse. The new horse is called Indiana. He is an appaloosa which is an American horse breed that has a colourful spotted coat pattern. He is five years old and if successful will be the first appaloosa police horse in the country. First impressions are very good and he has been out on patrol around Teddington and Hampton where we have our satellite stables at Bushy Park, and he has performed well. Over the coming months he will continue with his roadwork training and in about 4 months he will patrol Kingston-Upon-Thames. In approximately six months he will come into the City for his first City patrols if everything goes according to plan. At this stage he is only being ridden by the instructors at Bushy Park. He will then be allocated a police rider who will be qualified to Intermediate standard before being signed off as a Standard ride so all mounted officers can ride him. This could take eighteen months.