Coral Herbert: Thrills and Spills

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Here we catch up with brand ambassador and event rider Coral Herbert as she tells us about her start to the season…

I’m so pleased that spring is finally here, the winter always feels so long and so it’s been great to finally get back out on the road with the horses!

Saph and I have had lots of fun with a couple of pre-season XC schooling sessions at both Little Downham and Burnham Market. We also went show jump schooling at a local competition centre – Forest Edge Arena, before our first BE event of the season.

We were balloted at Oasby, so re-routed to Lincoln the week after instead. I haven’t evented at Lincoln before, so a new venue for me. Saph produced a nice relaxed test scoring his second best ever dressage score of 30.8 – which I was really pleased with!

Unfortunately we parted company in the show jumping which wasn’t Saph’s fault at all. We ended up jumping the double of one and a half strides instead of two. Saph being such an honest boy leapt the second part to get us out of trouble and I became unbalanced and landed on the back of the saddle, it scared him and he shot forward with me trying to gather my reins, put in a frightened buck and I hit the floor and ended up unconscious.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I’m fine, but have torn muscle in my neck/shoulder and have whiplash so I’ve been extremely annoyed that I’ve not been able to ride this week. It’s getting better by the day and I hope to be back onboard ASAP! There’s only so much lunging a girl can put up with!

Frank went to an Arena Eventing competition at Keysoe, where he jumped both phases really nicely! I’ve also been really missing competing Alice. Fibre-Beet keeps her looking great and everyone is always shocked when they realise she is now 23, she is still as bubby as ever! I booked her in for a dressage show a while back which was cancelled due to the storms we had, so I plan to find another outing for her sooner rather than later!

It was great to catch up with Martin from British Horse Feeds recently too. It was so nice to be able to show him around the yard again and introduce him to my horses. And of course, he had to be greeted by Speedi-B the British Horse Feeds mascot!

Look forward to blogging again soon.

Coral x