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Feeling Festive! Our longest standing brand ambassador gives us an update on 30th birthday celebrations and all things Christmas themed!

Can you believe its December!?

This year has flown by!

Since writing my last blog, Saph and I went to a hunter trial at Isleham. He was great and took all the direct routes around the 100 to gain himself 10th place!

At the weekend, I celebrated my 30th birthday by taking Saph to Vale View for an ODE – all on a surface. It’s a venue I’ve wanted to go to for a long time and I really enjoyed it! It really was great to be doing what makes me happiest and competing at an ODE at the end of November, Saph finished in 4th place!

My birthday this year also marked 25 years of owning my first pony, Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, who was my 5th birthday present and is now 38 years old! There’s not a day when Tiggy doesn’t get a cuddle, but I hugged her extra tight for our silver anniversary! (With some missing teeth in her old age, Tiggy struggles chewing her hay and Fibre-Beet and Ready Grass keeps her going!)

Both Saph and Frank have been having monthly Theraplate sessions this winter. I’m really intrigued about this as there are so many polar-opposite reviews out there regarding use of the Theraplate. Obviously, I’m a massive horse geek – so have spent time looking for more research studies, downloaded the Theraplate app with their various rehab programmes for specific problems and I’ve asked a million questions about it!

I’ve spoken with vets and our chiro and farriers, and although I currently still feel inconclusive on my thoughts about it at the moment, I’m interested to see if there will be any noticeable gain from a once a month “maintenance session” (I’ve been documenting my findings with both of the boys if anyone is interested in following,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we ran our Halloween Gymkhana in the floodlights for the children we teach, but this weekend coming we are running a Christmas event for them. I’ve put together a giant obstacle course in the arena. Each obstacle represents a country, and the idea is to take a present from the “north pole,” ride around the obstacles/through the different countries, to deliver the present. My ideas are always a little crazy! We are going to fly a reindeer (long rein my Shetland, Black-Thorn, along the bank that sits next to our arena. Of course, he’ll be dressed up in his antlers!) We’re going snowboarding in the French Alps, and I can’t wait to see my Mum in the sumo Christmas Turkey suit in Japan!! Hopefully, it’ll be a lot of fun and all the children will decorate with a gingerbread biscuit and have a hot chocolate at the end!

With that said, I hope everyone reading feels a little more festive!
Have a lovely Christmas,
Coral x