Coral Herbert


Ballyengland Twilight (Robbie) is a 16.1hh 10-year-old bay gelding who enjoys eventing. His favourite phase is the XC, although he always tries his best to please. He's quite shy with people who he doesn't know too well but he likes to make me laugh by scrunching up his top lip and pulling a funny face!

Proudest Moment:
Robbie and I have gone from BE90 to Novice and gained a 1* qualification in under a year.

Feed & Routine:
Robbie is fed on alfalfa, Speedi-Beet, conditioning nuts and a constant supply of haylage.

He is ridden six days a week; one of those days is usually a competition day. He is stabled at night but spends a few hours out grazing during the day.