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September 1994 – 17th January 2022

With great sadness we have said a peaceful goodbye to Dora – a much loved pony and part of our family.

We bought her as a four-year-old for our eldest daughter, Hattie, who at the time was 6, she was our first pony.

After Caroline’s hard work schooling Dora, Hattie through the West of Yore Pony club and many local events went on to achieve and have lots of fun with her. Ellie, our other daughter, equally had a great time with her.

We reluctantly had to bid farewell and sold her locally (2004). She went on to have subsequent caring owners who she served admirably, and much success was had by all.

I tracked her down in 2017 in Northamptonshire where she was on loan enjoying a quieter life. They were considering a replacement for their daughter and felt Dora was ready for retirement. I mentioned that if that ever happened, we would have her back.

In the May of 2017 and 13 years later, she came home from her travels.

Dora was our first grounding and understanding of horse ownership. Although we were manufacturing horse feed in a small way, this led us into a greater understanding of the equine feed market, principles of nutrition, ownership and development of the division British Horse Feeds as it is today, Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet being just two of our very successful products.

She became the face of Speedi-Beet and subsequently British Horse Feeds.

We never forget where we have come from and to that end, we owed Dora so much and we have enjoyed nearly five years caring for her in her retirement and being a great companion.

Thank you Dora.

Will I’Anson