Does your horse need extra condition?

Some horses struggle to maintain their body weight, especially in the winter or during periods of hard work. If your horse is a “poor doer”, it can prove a real challenge to keep him or her at their perfect weight and looking great. You may also find they lack topline, which is achieved through your horse working in the correct way, together with feeding sufficient quality protein in the diet.

Fibre-Beet can help improve your horse’s condition due to its blend of high quality molasses-free beet pulp (Speedi-Beet), alfalfa and oat fibre, supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium. Alfalfa is an ideal source of protein, as it is very low in both starch and sugars, and provides the amino acids needed to sustain long-term muscle development and condition.

The added biotin also supports coat quality and hoof condition, meaning Fibre-Beet will help your horse look and feel great from top to toe!

Fibre-Beet has a high acid binding capacity, meaning it acts as a buffer to acid in the horse’s stomach and helps to maintain a healthy environment in the digestive tract. It also supplies more slow-release energy than forage or lush grass, and is ideal for competition horses who need to maintain their energy levels without the “fizz”.

It can be safely fed to horses and ponies who are prone to laminitis and conditions such as EMS and Cushing’s, and can be included into any feeding regime to improve or maintain optimum condition.