Getting Ready for Spring

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When you think back to the long, dark winter nights, you will probably realise how many little jobs you had to put to one side, as the days simply weren’t long enough to fit everything in that needed to be done.
Thanks to longer daylight hours you can now to get your yard back looking pristine again and ready for the busier months. Your equipment, whether for on yard or in the tackroom may also need sorting and reorganising as well, so don’t delay! Now is the time to work out what you can wash and store away until next winter and what you will need to hand for the summer months.
Your stable is a good place to start with an intensive clean. Unfortunately, the milder weather also encourages the breeding of unpleasant bacteria so this will be a good way to tackle the spread of unwanted odours and bacteria before they can get hold. You will obviously want to keep your horse healthy, so start by lifting and removing rubber matting and washing them well with a stiff brush, water and disinfectant. Repeat this over the floors of the stable, the walls and doors.

This can be quite exhausting work so you might want a bit of assistance from a pressure washer. Hopefully you will have picked good weather for the cleaning, as you now need to let it all dry before replacing the mats. It is quite possible that your stable door will have become swollen over winter, so take this opportunity to plane it back to a proper fit so it opens easily again.

Now step back and decide if your stable would benefit from a fresh coat of paint or wood preservative. Make sure you do your research into the product you choose, as some are toxic to animals when they are first applied so they need to be kept away for a certain period of time. However, other products are safe for animals but can be more expensive.
Once you have put all this work and effort into spring cleaning your stable, it will no doubt increase the need for a good clean elsewhere around the yard! Your tack room is probably the next place to clean and tidy. At this time of year, your rugs will need sorting out. It is time to send the winter ones for washing and then put them away clean for next winter. Unpack your lighter rugs and check they are all still fit for use and clean. If you are planning to compete this summer, it is essential your travel kit is in order so now is the best time to check you have everything you will need and that it is all clean and fit for purpose. Make sure your list of emergency contact details is up to date too.
Moving on now to feed rooms and hay stores, they will really benefit from a good sweeping out and probably a major cobweb session. Check all the feed bins are working and get into the habit of regularly checking rodent traps if you have them.
Think about the area surrounding your yard. Rake any grassed areas you have and re-seed bare patches of lawn. If you are wanting summer-flowering plants, the bulbs can be planted now.
With all this effort to tidy up, don’t forget to check the fit of your horse’s saddlery equipment. He may have changed shape over the winter so his tack may need adjusting.
Areas to consider with your horse are to make sure their hooves and teeth have been checked over, especially if you are bringing them back in to work.
Nutrition wise, it is important to look at your horses’ condition, some horses may have lost or gained weight and it is important not to make any drastic changes to their feed regime as this could cause potential colic and upset that you really don’t need! Get in touch if you would like any feeding advice or want to learn more about our products: Speedi-Beet, Fibre-Beet and Cooked Linseed. Contact us via social media, email or call us +44 (0) 1765 680300.
Enjoy the Spring sunshine!