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This month we meet Hannah Kitching, Customer and Sales Coordinator for British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company. We learn more about the horses in her life and what she enjoys most working with the team.
When did horses become part of your life and tell us about your first pony?
I started to learn to ride around the age of five and my first equine was a Welsh pony called Cracker that we kept at a livery yard. My step-mum, Sam, was the person who got me into all things horsey.
The livery yard was great because they always organised fun events like gymkhana, own a pony day etc. It was these days where I really got involved and learnt about horse care and all the tricks of the trade from Sam.
With age, Cracker suffered severely with asthma and so we got Poppy, a 12.2hh Welsh Section B who help me to start hunting and showing.
After Poppy, along came a yearling called Geordie (right image) – 15.2hh, Welsh Section D who is now 19-years-old. We broke him in ourselves and competed in a mixture of disciplines like showjumping, dressage, hunting, showing and the odd one day event which was great fun. We now focus on dressage and showjumping with him and go out on pleasure rides which we both really enjoy.
Where did you work before British Horse Feeds & The Golden Paste Company?
Before joining the team here I worked for a different feed brand which developed my knowledge of equine nutrition and customer service skills. I can’t believe this June will be a whole year since I started with British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company.
What do you most enjoy about working at British Horse Feeds & The Golden Paste Company?
I love how involved everyone is in all aspects of the business, including new product development, packing wholesale, retail, customer orders and enquiries, social media and much, much more. The team are really lovely and made me feel so welcome when I joined.
Since coming in to the team what has been your best moment?
This is easy! The photo-shoot we did in August 2020 was a really great day. The sun was shining and the entire team got involved being models to create both photo and film content. Even my dog Ozzy played a part which was fab.
I have no doubt there will be many more “best moments” in the future with these brands, especially when restrictions are lifted and we are back on the events and show circuit.
What is the most common question you get asked about the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Companies products?
For The Golden Paste Company, the most regular question I get asked is: What are the benefits of feeding turmeric? The list is endless, from aiding in joint health to anti-inflammatory properties and many more. Check out our website for a full list of features.
Out of the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company’s ranges do you have a favourite product and why?
British Horse Feeds Fibre-Beet all the way! Geordie has been on this product throughout winter and I can honestly say he has never looked better going in to spring.
He has a lovely, healthy coat and his mane and tail have become a lot thicker – which I definitely think Fibre-Beet has helped with, because we haven’t changed anything else.
The biotin is such a bonus because it has aided in his hooves being less “crumbly.” And in winter it is great to feed it warm as a nice warming mash to raise his core body temperature when it is cold – quite comforting.
Geordie has also been fed The Golden Paste Company TurmerAid for a year now. The physio came out in March and commented on how much more flexible he was and his joints now represented a six-year-old which is just amazing!
I can’t leave out my Labrador Ozzy either. The Golden Paste for pets helps keep him in his more agile self now that he is eight-years-old. After a long walk over the weekend he normally gets quite stiff but now he is nowhere near as bad.
To get in touch with any member of our team for any questions on the British Horse Feeds or The Golden Paste Company call 01765 680 300 or email