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This month we meet Cesca Garland, Sales Representative for British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company and learn more about her busy life both at work and when at home.
Horses have been part of Cesca’s life since she was very young. Her parents are keen polo players and ever since she was able to sit up she was in the saddle. This is where the love and devotion for horses began.
Can you remember your first horse or pony?
My first pony was called Titch, he originally belonged to my brothers, but was given to me to start riding. Unfortunately it wasn’t love at first sight, we didn’t gel at all. I fell off at every given opportunity when he tried to ditch me. My pony of a lifetime was Rob Roy who was a bay Irish Sports Horse. We did not have the best start, but by the end of it he was my best friend. I did teams on him with Middleton Pony Club and had the best time. We also did Junior British Showjumping, which we both learnt so much from.

Where did you work before British Horse Feeds?
After University I secured a job at BATA, animal feed manufacturers who also have 12 country stores across the UK. I was part of the buying team for the country stores and British Horse Feeds was one of the brands we bought from. This type of role gave me a great understanding on what retailers want and how to liaise and build good relationships with buyers.
How long have you worked at British Horse Feeds?
Just over a year and I can honestly say it is a job of a lifetime. We are like a family, and I am very proud to be a part of it.
What do you most enjoy about working at British Horse Feeds?
The job is extremely diverse, I could be advising riders and owners with their horses diet plans one day, then I could be packing TurmerAid or TurmerItch the next, and then be out on the road meeting with stockists.
My favourite part of my job is to help with diet plans and explaining the benefits of the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company products. It is great to hear back from horse owners that their horse or pony has improved, or from a pet owner that their dog’s all-round health and wellbeing is better.

What is the best moment since you have worked at British Horse Feeds?
It is extremely hard to pick one because there have been so many memorable moments, but meeting Clare Balding at a show has to be a highlight!
What is the most common question you get asked about the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Companies products?
I welcome questions and enjoy answering customers’ queries. The most common question I get asked a lot about British Horse Feeds is whether or not Fibre-Beet can be used as a forage replacer. The good news is, YES it can! We have Dr Tom Shurlock, British Horse Feeds consultant nutritionist, alongside the team who can work out how much needs to be fed for your horse or pony, get in touch via email, phone or social media.
For The Golden Paste Company I frequently get asked if the turmeric products help with arthritis. Over the years we have had great feedback from customers about the success with our products for both pet and human. Read our reviews on The Golden Paste Company website.
Out of all the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company’s ranges do you have a favourite product and why?
My favourite British Horse Feeds product has to be the Cooked Linseed. My horse, Garouche, has such a shiny/glossy coat since we started him on the feed. He looks so healthy and is always on point for our selfies.
From The Golden Paste Company I love the high strength Turmeric with Black Pepper & Flax Oil Capsules. I get so many customers coming back to me and saying it has changed their lives so much and how they cannot be without it now.
To get in touch with Cesca Garland for any questions on the British Horse Feeds or The Golden Paste Company call 07842 608250 or email