Hannah and Stan Fulfil Their Tail Coat Dream

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Dressage rider, Hannah Bown (28), has been an integral part of the British Horse Feeds team since 2014.
Based in Hampshire, Hannah started her journey with the leading beet pulp brand through the Fibre-Beet 30 campaign.
This initiative was set up for a six month period with 30 horse owners taking part in a conditioning trial with the super fibre conditioning feed, Fibre-Beet. The participants kept feed diaries documenting their horse or pony’s condition over the winter and in to spring to track any progress.
Hannah applied to take part with her six-year-old British Warmblood, Sandro’s Storm (Stanley) and has not looked back since. Stanley benefited enormously whilst on Fibre-Beet and the feed continues to be an integral part of his daily diet.
Said Hannah: “I was so impressed with how he transformed whilst on the Fibre-Beet 30 trial. He gained condition, muscle and turned from an ugly duckling in to the most elegant swan. I am fully converted to using Fibre-Beet. Stan is now 12-years-old and still looks in tip top condition.”
After the trial came to an end the team at British Horse Feeds were so pleased with Hannah’s commitment and in-depth diary writing that the duo were kept on as ambassadors.
Added Hannah: “It was amazing to gain the support of British Horse Feeds after the trial and of course I am a huge advocate of Fibre-Beet. Once we won the British Dressage Novice Silver Winter Championships in 2016 I dared to dream and set myself the huge goal of competing in a tailcoat on my totally home produced pony.’’
The future was looking bright for the duo as they progressed up the levels but like many journeys, they don’t always go to plan and Stan has had to overcome some major setbacks over the years.
In 2017, Hannah was already dealing with the sudden passing of her wonderful Mum, but also noticed a lump on the side of Stan’s jaw which seemed to be getting bigger.
Stan was X-rayed, biopsies were taken and the samples sent off to the labs to be tested. The results returned negative for malignancy and he was taken to The Liphook Equine Hospital where he underwent further tests and a CT scan. This demonstrated a fluid filled cyst which was forcing the bone out of shape.
For Hannah, coupling Stan’s health condition with her job as a full time Diagnostic Radiographer for the NHS it was an extremely stressful time for the family.
Hannah commented: “Stan became the family’s main focus after the passing of Mum to help us get through it, but with this uncertainty we were worried we were going to lose another family member. Horses really do become part of your circle and are companions for life.”
Stan underwent surgery and the cyst was successfully removed allowing him to start the long process of recovery.
A few months later and with Stan fully recovered Hannah began the journey of building up his strength and stamina again to get back out on the road competing, moving closer to the tailcoat dream.
Everything was looking promising, with lots of placings at various championships under their belt but there was yet another bump in the road just a couple of years later. Hannah had to make a return visit to The Liphook Equine Hospital as his jaw had fractured from an abscess that was hiding within the cavity left from the last surgery.
Stan underwent a two week stay at the hospital where the abscess was drained and flushed daily, coupled with a big course of IV antibiotics – before he set on the road to recovery once again.
Fortunately Stan started to improve quickly and before long they were out competing again with the tailcoat dream in sight.
Said Hannah at the time: “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at The Liphook Equine Hospital. They were extremely professional and looked after Stan immensely well and to British Horse Feeds, for their continued support – the sloppy Fibre-Beet mashes have been amazing in getting fibre in to him whilst he struggled to eat forage.”
Fast forward to 2020, the year of lockdown and the chance to focus on ever important training. After five months at home and some treatment for osteomyelitis in the bone which unfortunately seems to be plaguing Stanley every so often, it was decided it was now or never. August Bank Holiday will be a day they never forget – the tailcoat was adorned and Hannah and Stanley trotted down the centre line in their first Advanced 102 at Pachesham Equestrian Centre.
Hannah stated: ‘‘Never stop dreaming, even when the going gets tough try to see the light. What a feeling to have achieved this dream on my home produced pony with the help of his breeder Sarah Ansty and my wonderful trainer Sara-Jane Lanning. He is the most resilient and giving little horse and I am so grateful for all he has given me over the years.’’
Commented Hattie I’Anson, Sales Manager of British Horse Feeds: “We are extremely privileged to have Hannah as part of the ambassador team. Her and Stan are the epitomy of what never giving up is when you have a dream, always work away at it and you will be rewarded.”
Since then Hannah and Stan have achieved some great results at PSG level and have spent the winter training the Grand Prix moves. A surreal feeling for someone who had very limited knowledge of dressage when they began their journey together in 2014. Unfortunately they had to withdraw from their Inter I debut this spring as Stan has tweaked his suspensory ligament in the field and needs a few months rest and recuperation. We are sad we won’t be seeing this wonderful duo out between the white boards this summer but wish them a successful recovery and look forward to watching their dancing journey continue.
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