Hannah Bown


Sandro's Storm (Stanley) is a six-year-old British Warmblood by Sandro Dancer. I have owned him for just over a year having purchased him from his breeders at Woodhams Farm Stud; he had been backed and then wintered off prior to me buying him. Although he knew the basics, he was physically very immature so I have spent time ensuring these basics were cemented and that he was both mentally and physically ready to start progressing up the levels. We predominantly compete at British Dressage, having competed at both the Regionals and Area Festivals in 2015 with top ten placings; although he has just started jumping for some variety! He is a cheeky, loveable character who never fails to make us smile but he does have a huge phobia of cows!

Proudest Moment:
With Stanley, my proudest moment was being placed 6th at our first attempt at the Area Festivals; he stayed away for the first time, dealt with a very spooky arena spectacularly and gave us a real glimpse of the horse he will hopefully one day become!

Feed & Routine:
Stanley is fed on Fibre-Beet with a comprehensive balancer and a conditioning cube in winter when the grass becomes poor. He was very immature and underweight but this feeding combination has been invaluable at helping him put on weight and develop muscle. Stanley is ridden four to five times a week and competes every few weeks. He lives out in the day but is stabled at night with a big hay net.