Hattie I’Anson Joins British Horse Feeds

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Given the continued success of British Horse Feeds both in the UK and overseas, Sales Director Will I’Anson is delighted that his daughter Hattie is joining the family business.

“It’s now time to further enhance our sales resources, particularly within the UK, where our National Sales Representative Martin Bielby spends a lot of time on the road attending shows and open evenings to help retailers, their staff and consumers understand the benefits of feeding Fibre-Beet and Speedi-Beet.

“With Hattie joining the team, she will provide further sales support and help with the continued growth of British Horse Feeds.”

With a degree in International Business with Spanish, Hattie has also a good level of knowledge within the equestrian world, having competed at BE level, and being around animal feed all her life. Coming on board the British Horse Feeds team in October, Hattie is looking forward to getting stuck into a new challenge.

“My 23-year-old pony Dora was the original face of Speedi-Beet,” she explained. “I’m looking forward to learning new skills and finding out all the latest developments in equine nutrition.”

She added: “I hope to meet many of our retailers and customers out and about at shows and events in the autumn.”

Speedi-Beet, now 17 years on, is still the original and the best! This versatile product is the ideal complement to all your feeding requirements. There is no other product exactly like it on the market!

A uniquely patented Super Fibre, Speedi-Beet is made in a dedicated NOPs approved factory from UK produced beet pulp following a patented cooking process to produce a unique soaked feed. With only 5% sugars and virtually no starch it is ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Fibre-Beet is a super-fibre conditioning feed containing all the benefits of the original Speedi-Beet product, with added high quality Alfalfa for optimum condition and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function.

A source of highly degradable fibre with high levels of pectins and surfactants, Fibre-Beet is suitable for Horses with ulcers or those prone to colic. Fibre-Beet has added biotin for hoof quality and is also suitable for laminitics.