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Well, it’s still quiet here at Hope Pastures and although we’re enjoying the nice weather, we’re all missing our volunteers and visitors. We can’t wait to see you again, once it’s safe to do so of course!
We did have a very exciting day when Countryfile came to visit us. I’m assured by the humans that you’ll all know what this is. We had a man holding a funny shaped black thing following us about and a lovely lady making a fuss over us. Henry followed my instruction and slobbered all over her nice white top but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she liked him even more! I must remember to do that more often myself. Anyway, the humans have told me that more information on when you can watch this is at the end of this newsletter.
We all got extra carrots the other week as a local food bank had an excess of them so donated them to us. We were all very grateful, non nom!
To keep us entertained, Sago has started doing yoga classes for us. I’m not sure where he learned this but he’s got some extraordinary moves! I think I’ll stick to playing with my welly and with the things the humans have been creating for us, in future.

The little ponies have also been very helpful around the yard and have been ‘mowing’ the grass in the car park. We had our Spring weigh in and most of us were a really healthy weight for going into summer. Just a couple of my friends still have a bit of work to do. Maybe they should continue with Sago’s yoga lessons? We’ve had two more birthdays this month, so Happy Birthday to Logan and Piper!

In other news, Tom is progressing well and his summer coat is starting to come through his bald patches.
The farrier came to trim Minnie and Sandy’s hooves and Sandy also got some special boots (very snazzy, although I wouldn’t be seen dead in them)! Anyway, more importantly, they have made her much more comfortable.
The vet visited to give some of us our annual vaccinations as vets are allowed to do some routine work again but, like the farriers, have to do it alone, which for some of us is a bit worrying.
Alfie has a cough but has been seen by the vet and has some medication to help. He’s still his usual crazy self so he can’t be feeling that bad! My wing-donkey, Coco, is going to be having a minor routine operation, on site luckily, so I still have my favourite welly playing buddy with me.
Rod and Oreo have gone on trial as emergency companions for a horse called Billy, who sadly lost his companion over the weekend. We hope it works out for all of them.
Over and out from your favourite Donk. Love Banjo x