Hope Pastures – September Update

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It’s been a difficult time in the rescue world; Hope Pastures had to shut down completely last year for several months, no visitors, no volunteers and for a while no movement of horses (or donkeys) except for emergencies.
Our fundraising events stopped entirely, so without the kind support from our followers and fabulous organisations like British Horse Feeds, it would have been a very dismal outlook.
Fast forward to 2021 and our welfare and on site teams have been so very busy. We have accepted more new intakes and rehomed more animals in the first half of this year, than previously and we currently have a waiting list for animals needing our help. Our rescues this year have been a mixed bag – lots of different reasons for needing our assistance.
Stanley and Ollie came first on New Year’s Eve. They are two young cob colts whose field mate had sadly collapsed due to lack of food and had to be euthanised in the field. We rescued the boys, and helped them back to strength slowly, overcoming food aggression issues, lice, and poor handling.
Then came Sully; a lovely 15.1hh appaloosa who had been living a solitary life abandoned on a dairy farm. Sully was so wary it took a lot of time and patience to gain his trust, he is now rehomed and doing brilliantly.
We have also rescued three miniature stallions; Peewee, Mouse and Alfie. They are now gelded and Mouse is already out winning in the show ring. Peewee and Alfie remain on site at the moment but hopefully will be looking for homes in the winter.
Spice came to us suffering with severe laminitis. Her Cushing’s disease was unmanaged and she was a very unhappy horse, in poor condition and in pain. She has had her Cushing’s disease managed, remedial farriery and is now a happy healthy horse and will be looking for a loan home soon.
We also took on a young colt called Blue, castrated him and worked on his handling in training. He has found himself a fabulous loan home where he is going to be a ridden horse once he matures.
As the year has moved on we have rescued a total of 25 animals, which is an increase for our small charity. We have over 100 horses and donkeys on loan across Yorkshire and the surrounding area.
Our on-site events restarted in July and we are back to fundraising with vengeance:
  • We have animals you can “adopt” that gives you a personal package posted to your home (£15 per year)
  • You can sponsor a stable (a £12 monthly fee)
  • Join our Donkey Club (£12 a month)
  • Donate your unwanted things such as tack, rugs, horsey goods, used stamps, foreign coins, raffle prizes or old clothes for our recycling collections – all help to raise much needed funds.
Our site is open 365 days a year free of charge for you to visit or you can visit our website to have a look at some of our work www.hopepastures.org
We are very grateful for the support from British Horse Feeds – more so than ever this year.
The Team at Hope Pastures.