Team Sommerville Eventing Update – November

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With the horses slowing down it has been quiet at Team Sommerville. At the beginning of November we only had one more ‘event’ to attend to. James and three of our superstars had a demo to perform at Wilsden Equestrian.
We arrived a few hours before the demo to get the horses settled in and happy in their surroundings. James began the demo with Master Ramiro, performing some of our warm up routines such as lunging over poles and riding over poles working long and low to get their brains working and loosen up.
James performed some routines on the flat that we use in training on our young horses. We were so proud of Rocky as he performed like a superstar, so professional in front of a crowd, stepping up and being very grown up!
Next we had Jack on to perform some combinations over a set of four fences, showing how to alter strides and get the horse listening to the rider. Jack remained very focused and showed lots of understanding to what James was asking of him. We moved onto a break with lots of hot drinks and warm food on a very cold day.
James set up a grid for our final horse during the break. Shadow Inspector was the chosen one to show off his awesome skills over the grid. Chief showed lots of power and scope making the demonstration over the grid easy for James to show. All our horses looked the part, especially over the winter, they always have lots of condition and their coat shines with their all-time favourite warm soaked Fibre-Beet in their feed.
Finally, it was time for our horses to have a break, and for James to focus on the younger horses starting their education.
James and I have also been to the Monart Sales in Ireland, we were so lucky to experience the amazing Monart Spa Hotel, we definitely enjoyed some of the spa therapy!!

The Monart Sale itself was also an amazing experience. Watching some beautiful horses was a treat! However soon it was time to return home to the horses, but we were soon preparing to go to the Goresbridge Horse Sales. Goresbridge was a good sale for us this year as we came away from a very exciting auction with a new horse coming to the yard!

James and a new owner for the team, Fairlight Stud, purchased together the most stunning three-year-old… Kilcannon Dragon Fly! This beautiful black youngster is by Fairlight Stud’s very own Sir Shutterfly, which made us fairly biased knowing the stallion well.

We decided to call our new boy Alvin, and he very nearly beat James home, arriving at 4.30am on the Friday morning after James arrived back late Thursday evening! Alvin has settled in very well, starting with munching his way through a lot of haylage and feed! Luckily, he did not find the journey too challenging and it was on with work fairly soon, starting his education with lunging and we have begun to lean over him. Our new little man has taken all of this very smoothly, we are very excited about his future with Team Sommerville.
During December, we will continue working with the young horses, weather permitting, and then look to bringing the older horses back into work. They will begin with lots of hacking and slowly bring them into schooling and their fitness work. We are also looking forward to the Christmas celebrations! Lots of Fibre-Beet and carrots for our special horses