Jennie Daniels: Under Fire and Jumping Hedges

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Here we catch up with our brand ambassador Jennie Daniels and her beautiful cob, Tilly. They’ve been jumping hedges and re-enacting the English Civil War.

End of last year we had some amazing fun rides and attended the opening meet with the Farmers Bloodhounds, where the hounds chase a runner. Tilly and I have been out jumping hedges, jumps I would never in a million years of dreamed about jumping before, but she felt awesome. Click here to see us in action.

In October it was lovely to be back for our annual school English Civil War history visit, where Tilly is always the star. View image.

This is a very short video of the foot soldiers shooting at us, before we ride into attack them. Tilly is always fantastic and is never phased by any of it – see us in action here.

We received our photos from a photo shoot we had done in our side saddle outfit and I absolutely love them. View our photos.

Since then, we have been quiet and only riding at home.  This has mainly been due to the horrid weather this winter.  I am so grateful for my arena, but really wish it was an indoor one at this time of year!

Not going out in the horsebox has not stopped us competing though. Over the winter months, the Side Saddle Association has once again put on a monthly on-line equitation test. This has involved roping in my mum to video me, uploading it onto YouTube, and then submitting the link with my entry.  We have had some fantastic results, including some first places. 

The feedback from these tests has been so helpful as we work towards the equitation test for this year’s Side Saddle Nationals. I am feeling so much more confident about entering the intermediate equitation this year after feeling completely out of my depth at that level last year.

Click here to view photos.

Dates have now started going in my diary for shows and displays we are attending this year, so a lot of things to look forward to.

Jennie Daniels