Jennie and Tilly Partners for Life

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Warwickshire-based Jennie Daniels, has been an integral part of the British Horse Feeds Team as an ambassador for 9 years.
For more than 20 years Jennie has dressed the part and looked spectacular in countless shows including; Historical Cavalry displays, World War events, Victorian costume and is keeping the fine art of side saddle alive.
On top of these fantastic demonstrations Jennie also loves to do a bit of everything, from dressage to arena eventing to blood hounding.  
At the beginning of the British Horse Feeds partnership Jennie had a TB x Connemara called Lady Jane back in 2012.
Lady Jane was fed Fibre-Beet after one harsh winter where she lost some of her weight and condition. After her change in diet the mare regained all the weight she had lost and Jennie was extremely pleased with how she looked for her age of 21.
Said Jennie: “Lady Jane was an amazing horse and I look back with fond memories on the time we had together.”
Currently in her life Jennie has a 13-year-old cob called Tilly, who has been with her life since she was virtually an unbroken four-year-old.
Over the years the duo has built an extraordinary relationship based on trust and this has helped Jennie continue enjoying the events she loves and is passionate about.
Jennie adds: “Tilly is an absolute pleasure to own and is definitely a horse of a lifetime. I do like her cheekiness too, and how she just loves getting up close and personal with the public on displays days, checking what’s in their bags.”
1 year ago, Jennie bought a second horse Aurora, who is a two-year-old Irish Draught X Warmblood.
Jennie is planning to train her to follow in Tilly’s footsteps, but with the added benefit of being a better and more enthusiastic jumper, which she has already shown by popping over the electric fence in her field.
Looking to the future Jennie has a lot planned and cannot wait to get out to shows like most horse owners this summer.
Jennie feeds Fibre-Beet to Tilly and Aurora because she always found it a fantastic way of getting extra fibre and liquid into their diets, especially when Tilly is away at events.
“I love the added bonus that Fibre-Beet gives them a lovely shine to their coats and how extremely palatable it is – Aurora can’t get enough of it,” said Jennie.
Hattie I’Anson, British Horse Feeds Sales Manager comments: “It is really special to be able to support and work alongside Jennie for such a long time, and that is what British Horse Feeds is all about. Creating long lasting relationships and support for riders passionate about their horses and Jennie is one of them.
“Also, because Jennie has fed Fibre-Beet for so many years, this is one of our missions. To provide a high quality, trusted feed that owners can depend on and feed for many years.”

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