Jennie Daniel’s and Tilly give us an update

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Over the winter we joined Dressage UK and headed off to Onley Equestrian Centre for several evening classes. We won several of the Prelim classes and even managed to finish in 3rd Place overall in the Prelim League. All of which was done in a GP saddle, but we have now got a dressage saddle just waiting to be checked by my saddler.
We have also been having a lovely time exploring Woburn Woods, so much so that we bought a year pass. You can’t really do much more than walk as its always so busy with mountain bikes and walkers, but its so lovely just to wonder for hours around the tracks exploring all the routes and frequently getting lost. Luckily there are route markers to follow and maps every so often.
The English Civil War filming we did back in October was finally aired and we got to see Tilly and I in the background of the Channel 5 program, Celebrity Britain by Barge.
Then like the rest of the world, everything has ground to a holt. Tilly is still being ridden, but only flatwork and pole work in the school, no jumping to minimize the risk. We have also loose schooled her over jumps in the school, or Tilly would get so excited and silly when we do start jumping again.
I am not going to lie, it is not easy being on lockdown, but we are all in this together. Tilly is getting a lot more loose schooling. The other day I trimmed her legs and mane etc. to get her looking all tidy again.
Clearly Tilly is in the middle of her coat change and is all itchy at the moment. The other day I turned my back for a moment and Tilly was using my poo scoop to scratch her tummy!!!
I love horses and I think one of the best sounds is a horse happily munching. Here is Tilly enjoying her hay in the sunshine.
The last time we had the back lady out was just before the lock down came into force. To help Tilly, we do lots of carrot stretches each day. As this involves food for Tilly, she is more than happy to do them.
Why is it, that when thistles are in the field, they don’t get touched, but the second you chop them down, the horses are there, eating them!!!
Like everyone else, we look forward to getting back out and competing as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe.