Katie Patrick


Harry is a nine-year-old TB gelding who I have owned since he was a foal. Harry is currently eventing at CIC** level but we have big aims for this year and an Advanced/3* might also be on the cards! Harry's favourite phase is definitely the cross country, although any sort of jumping is fine by him. Harry is a complete softie in the stable and loves people and other horses. He always has masses of spare energy when he gets excited!

Proudest Moment:
My proudest moment so far is having produced Harry all the way from an unbacked three-year-old to a 2* event horse. He did his first season of 2* in 2014 and finished by going double clear in the CIC** at Osberton in September.

Feed & Routine:
Harry, when eventing, is a lean horse and is very naturally fit. He is also very fussy so in the past it has been hard to keep him looking well. He is fed on Fibre-Beet, which he loves, a low energy mix and balancer. Oh and lots of carrots of course! Harry goes out in the day and is stabled overnight in the winter, when it gets very warm in the summer his routine switches and he goes out at night and stays in the cool in the day.