Please fill out the form below and include with your Speedi-Beet, Fibre-Beet or Cooked Linseed rosette tokens to redeem them against a free bag of feed! (For UK and IRE customers only).

Please note that you will need to collect the following amount of *rosette tokens* to redeem your free bag of feed:

  • Free 20kg sack Speedi-Beet or Fibre-Beet = 20 Rosettes
  • Free 20kg sack Cooked Linseed = 10 Rosettes

A mixture of Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet rosette tokens can be accepted to redeem for a bag of either Speedi-Beet or Fibre-Beet. To redeem a bag of Cooked Linseed only Cooked Linseed rosette tokens must be submitted, Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet tokens cannot be accepted. Enter your details, the number of tokens you wish to redeem, and the product(s) you wish to redeem your rosette tokens for and click submit. Please then print out the next page and post it along with your rosette tokens to:

British Horse Feeds,
Unit 51,
Melmerby Green Lane,

*The rosette tokens can be found on the back of each British Horse Feed bag of feed towards the top of the bag near the stitch line*

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    Terms & Conditions
    1)The British Horse Feeds customer loyalty scheme is open to UK and IRE customers only. 2) Tokens cannot be redeemed against any other promotion or sponsorship. 3) Tokens have no monetary value. 4) Only redeemable direct from British Horse Feeds by post. NOT valid for use in store. 5) Tokens will be exchanged for a voucher which will be redeemable at local stockists. 6) The scheme is only for personal and consumer use. 7) Tokens cannot be redeemed for any business transaction or purpose. 8) Customers will be added to our mailing list; customers can opt out at any time. 9) British Horse Feeds reserves the right to cancel the loyalty scheme at any point.