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At what age did you learn to ride/when did horses become part of your life?
My grandma worked with horses from a young age and then set up a riding school, therefore, my mum’s chosen career was also with horses. She worked her way up to being head girl at two competition yards. I started riding from a very early age – riding my friend’s ponies until my mum knew I was keen enough to get my own.
Can you remember your first horse/pony?
My first pony was an appaloosa Shetland cross called Ink Spot (Inky). We got many looks when my mum would lead me and our Dalmatian dog down the roads! He was very cheeky; he loved the occasional buck! I will always remember taking him around one of our farm fields for a canter, I got bucked off and I ran after him all the way home. We did lots of Pony Club activities and some showing.

My next pony was Charlie, a Welsh Section B – again a very cheeky pony, in fact the naughtiest I’ve ever owned! We did lots of Pony Club activities, I was even awarded ‘Falling off the most times and getting back on in the same day’ at Pony Club camp. These two ponies taught me how to ride and gave me my ‘stickability’ skills.

Whilst still owning Charlie, we also decided to get Fudge, the legend of the Bedale West of Yore Pony Club. Everyone knew her and loved her, she was epic. She was the sweetest pony I have owned and up for anything. She still had lots of character though – you would never turn her out in a large field as you would never catch her! We did Pony Club, show jumping and ODE’s. My last pony before moving onto horses was WSH Orlando (Ollie), he certainly wasn’t the easiest to begin with, but our bond was special, and we progressed to competing at BE100 when I was 15 and he really was my pony of a lifetime.  

Where did you work before The Golden Paste Company and what experiences did you gain from this role?
I have a lot of experience working with animals on my family’s dairy farm. I also gained great customer service skills working in hospitality. I started working for The Golden Paste Company when I was 17 and did a sales apprenticeship.
How long have you worked at The Golden Paste Company and British Horse Feeds?
Four years! I am very proud to be a part of the team.
What do you most enjoy about working at The Golden Paste Company & British Horse Feeds?
I love the people I work with; we are like a family. I love that my job is very varied and I get involved in different aspects of the business. It’s also very rewarding seeing the difference our products make to our customers.

Since coming in to The Golden Paste Company and British Horse Feeds team, what has been your best moment?
Tough question! I’ve had many ‘best’ moments, but I love attending shows and working at Crufts has to be a favourite of mine, it’s such a buzz and it’s always so nice speaking to new and existing customers. I’m sure there will be many amazing moments yet to come.

What is the most common question you get asked about the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Companies products?
British Horse Feeds I would say, what is the difference between Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet? Speedi-Beet is our maintenance fibre feed, however it’s very versatile to feed, whereas Fibre-Beet is our conditioning feed for horses lacking in topline.
And for The Golden Paste Company I would say, how are our turmeric supplements different to others on the market? Our turmeric supplements contain the vital ingredients that are needed to make turmeric bio-available and have a high curcumin percentage. None of our products have any fillers or bulking agents in them.
Out of the British Horse Feeds and The Golden Paste Company’s ranges do you have a favourite product and why?
It is a tricky one for British Horse Feeds as I have used and love all three! However, my horse Leo loves Speedi-Beet. It helps maintain his condition without putting on any weight and we take it with us for after his cross country runs to make a hydrating mash.
The Golden Paste Company TurmerEase! My two-year-old Cockapoo, Boo, loves the TurmerEase to keep her healthy as she has a very active lifestyle. My mum’s Dalmatian is also fed on the TurmerEase to help support her aging joints.
To get in touch with Kirsten for any questions on the The Golden Paste Company or British Horse Feeds call 01423 503319 or email

 – Top right – Kirsten and Inky.
 – Middle right – Fudge 
 – Bottom right – Boo