New Beginning for New Beginnings Horses!

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We have moved! 

After what seems like months of organising we have finally moved to our new yard at The Grange, Bishop Wilton, York YO42 1SA. Having been at the top of Garrowby Hill for six years we have relocated to a new yard eight miles away at the bottom of Garrowby Hill. We are still tenants of Halifax Estates, which is great as they give us so much support.
Leaving the hilly yard at Low House where we had 11 stables and limited storage, we have moved to a bigger flatter yard where we have 16 stables and lots of storage and potential to expand.  Projects are planned (as funds allow) to convert an unused granary building into an office and reception area, a grain store into a stable block where we can add another 10 stables, make a designated isolation block and medical block out of existing stables and convert a fold yard and run down lunge area into an indoor riding area which we can use all year round.
Lots of work and limited resources at the moment but there is huge potential and exciting times ahead!
New website
In line with our move we have also launched a new website. Having dropped the lengthy and sometime problematic spelling of ‘newbeginningshorses’ we are now found as Our e-mail addresses too are now nbhorses to make us easier to find and remember. The old addresses will still work for a changeover period until nbhorses becomes established.
In May we were approached to bring Elmo in as his owner had come off him and had been seriously injured. Unbeknown to us until we went to pick him up he was not receiving any attention on the livery yard where he was kept and was in a very poor condition. He was treated immediately by our vet, wormed and slowly reintroduced to regular feeds (Fibre-Beet and Lay Off cubes) and is now turned away where he is thriving. The latest picture was taken this morning and show the positive results of nine weeks of care. (Pics below show Elmo on arrival).
If there’s anything else you’d like to know just give us a ring. 

Pam x