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Hello and a very happy new year from Hope Pastures!
Well apparently we’re in a new decade. Not entirely sure what that means but did you know that donkeys can live for up to 50 years? Speaking of donkeys, we have a couple of newbies at the Sanctuary: Sandy and Nosey. Well I can see how Nosey got the name he did. He was straight over making his acquaintance with Coco and me once out of quarantine.

Us donks are not really enjoying this wet and wild weather, and I don’t think the humans are either despite their smiley faces. It’s a good job we have some new rugs to keep us warm and dry. Doesn’t Coco look smart in his? I am trying my best to trash it though because it’s just as much fun playing tug ‘o’ war with a rug as it is with things like buckets, ropes, branches and wellies. Shhhhh…don’t tell the humans!

Ellie Mae has recently joined the Hope Pastures gang. She’s an older horse who’s owner sadly passed away. She’s currently in quarantine where all new arrivals go. She’s shown herself to be very gentle and sweet.and I hear she should hopefully have a forever home soon. If not she’ll be going to one of our fab foster homes to mix with other horses.
Snowy is now out of quarantine and one of our other recent arrivals, Jinkey, has found his forever home after a short stay at a foster home. I’m so happy for him. Ocean has also recently found a lovely new home. The lovely humans spent a year rehabbing him after 2 surgeries due to a bone abscess, castration and poor liver function. We’ve heard that Freya has settled in well at her new home too and has a new friend who gives her lots of confidence.

I wish I didn’t have any sad news this month but unfortunately in December we had to say goodbye to Kiki who was struggling to maintain her weight and was suffering due to ulcers. She had a good summer at her foster home after being found abandoned, lame and with an ulcerated eye earlier this year. Run free Kiki. X
Belle is looking for a new family. She’s 13.1hh and 8 years old. She started life as a broodmare so is a little behind on her education but she’s smart and a quick learner. She’s available as a companion and would enjoy walks out in hand and in hand showing. She has been long reined and had tack on. She’s good to catch and groom, and would thrive on some one on one attention.

Some of the team including my bestie Coco, Sago, Angel and Kizzie trained some humans who were here for something called a multi-agency welfare training day. Yeah, means nothing to me either but apparently the horses and donkeys involved were really good!
I also heard that the Charity Dog Walk was a great success after the last one being such a wash out so thanks to everyone who came and helped raise much needed hay tokens.
And the human team wanted me to let you know that in 2019 your support helped rescue 45 equines and enabled us to help prevent another 37 from becoming desperate. So a huge thank you from all of us!
Right, it’s time for another tug ‘o’ war with Coco. Byeeeee!
Banjo x