Nick and Billy Spring Back to Success

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Young rider Nick Ireland was left feeling frustrated last year after a serious knee injury left him side-lined for the summer competition season.

Nineteen-year-old Nick has a great partnership with his eight-year-old Irish Sports Horse Billy Bank, who he has produced himself, along with help from instructors from the York and Ainsty South Pony Club.

Their career together got off to a great start in 2014 when the pair won the Pony Club Young Event Horse series, and continued smoothly into 2015, with great results at BE100 and wins in BS competitions.

However, after Nick sustained a knee injury in Spring 2016, he had to stop riding altogether and attend physio sessions while he recovered.

“It was really frustrating not being able to ride,” said Nick. “I was thrilled to watch Billy win the BE90 at Breconbrough and come second at Allerton Park in the BE100 with Evie Hardwick, who stepped in to keep him going for the BE season. But I couldn’t wait to get going again myself!” 

Once back in the saddle. Nick wasted no time finding his form, with three British Showjumping British Novice wins back to back at the end of last year.

2017 has also started well with two British Showjumping 90cm wins at Bishop Burton, the college where Nick is a Sports Coaching student.

Billy has benefitted from being fed on Fibre-Beet, with provides him with plenty of energy, without the fizziness.

Said Nick: “Although Billy is generally quite a laid-back character, he has an edge to him which can turn into spookiness if not managed carefully. Since we’ve been feeding him Fibre-Beet, he’s been behaving impeccably at shows. He’s got all the power without the fizz, and looks in top condition. Fibre-Beet meets all his needs.”

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