Pavo FibreBeet Wins Award in the Netherlands

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British Horse Feeds, the equine feed division of I’Anson Brother Ltd., is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, supplying feed to more than 38 countries worldwide.
One country that has the super fibre conditioning mash, Fibre-Beet, is the Netherlands under the Pavo brand.
Pavo FibreBeet was recently presented with the prestigious award, “Horse Product of the Year 2019” at a presentation in the Netherlands, where the product is judged by a jury and the audience.
Both parties judging the product unanimously agreed that the feed was a ‘healthy way for horses and ponies to gain condition,’ and decided that it should be number one in the feed category.
The judges commented that it was ‘a beautiful development in the area of developing feed, especially when concerning older horses.’ The audience added that ‘the fast preparation was a huge advantage’ saving horse owners time when preparing horses’ feed.
Specially designed, the feed is an ideal product for horses looking to gain condition, particularly veterans because it contains all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with added alfalfa for optimum condition and quality protein for muscle tone and function whilst being low in sugar.
Furthermore, because it is a soaked feed, Pavo FibreBeet is very palatable and easy to chew, even if horses’ teeth are poor or missing.
Yearly, Pavo receives over 4,000 feed enquiries relating to veteran horses that need to add condition, but are also sensitive towards sugar which is one of the reasons why Pavo took on Fibre-Beet.
Ragne Verhoeven, Pavo’s feeding consultant said: “Pavo FibreBeet is a thoughtful composed combination of desugared sugar beet flakes, alfalfa and easily digestible fibre from soya hulls, with a touch of fenugreek for palatability. Pavo FibreBeet is completely grain-free and has a low sugar and starch content. It is therefore ideal to veteran horses back into shape. The many positive reactions from customers and their before and after pictures that we have received speak for themselves.”
Will I’Anson, Sales Director of British Horse Feeds commented: “We are so pleased that Pavo FibreBeet was recognised and given a prestigious award. The team at PAVO are very forward thinking and we are very pleased and proud to work with them all!
“Fibre-Beet here in the UK has proven to be very popular and to see its growth in other countries is really pleasing.”