Heidi Feeds for Performance

The feed is fantastic for adapting their diets whether a young horse just starting out and needing extra condition to the horses up, fit and eventing that need to have plenty of stamina for the cross-country but be calm and focused for the dressage.

Former Champion Show Cob Maintains Peak Condition

We fully believe that his diet of Fibre-Beet and Cooked Linseed, keeps him in tip top condition and gives him slow-release energy to go gallivanting across the countryside and enjoying himself. He really doesn’t look or act like his age

New Beginning with Fibre-Beet for Barney

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We started him on Fibre-Beet and linseed and gradually introduced a cube after a few weeks. He has gained weight steadily and the second photo was taken on October 24th 2015. The Fibre-Beet is fantastic to start these very poor horses on as it’s not overloading their system too early. Barney is now well and happy