Rest days, James and Lucie hitting the high notes and a sad goodbye

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Team Sommerville have enjoyed a winter break with all the horses having a good rest, ready for the up and coming work ready for the 2019 season!

Early in November we sadly said goodbye to a yard favourite, Captain Levade. We bought him as a five-year old and over time with us he showed many amazing results, especially as a seven-year-old he had advanced level of points! We have had an amazing time with Captain and he has settled in well with his new family. We wish him the best of luck and hope his new family have as much fun and love with Captain as much as we have!

James also has had some time off, going out with friends… and being dragged to Church, preparing for his and Lucinda’s wedding next year. It was soon found out that Lucie is tone deaf and James has a rather good singing voice! Maybe if James was not an event rider a singing career may have been seen.

Lucie spent some time in London with her new niece, Camilla and her sister Amelia. It was a lovely relaxing weekend with her family and doing ‘girly’ things with her mother and sister, all plans for the wedding!

James has been doing clinics and teaching, putting some of his wisdom upon others, which he really enjoys. Teaching especially because of the great people he gets to meet! This includes the brilliant Clare and Grant Faulkner who own Billy. Clare and Grant always put on a fantastic day at their home for clinics with James and it really was a thoroughly enjoyable day with amazing hosts of the evening!

Clare, Grant, James and his parents went off to Goresbridge to enjoy the Go For Gold sales. The sales provide a great few days of enjoyment watching great horses and with great company. On the final night they put on a brilliant evening with dinner and you could feel the excitement from the sale auction!

Talking about sales, James went onto the Brightwell sales and we found a beautiful new lady. We have called her Twiggy and she is a stunning dark bay mare and so gorgeous!!! We are very excited to see her progress as she is only three so we will be soon breaking her in and starting her eventing career.

All the horses are now coming back into work and we will be starting with hacking them out and include a lot of walking and trotting. In the New Year they will look into more schooling, fitness work (galloping) and jump work. We are all itching for the 2019 season and cannot wait to get going!

Over the winter our main feeding regime starts off with Fibre-Beet every time. We love that our favourite feed, Fibre Beet, is the best all round soaking feed you can get. But most of all with limited grass in the fields it ensures your best friend keeps the weight on and looks perfect and ready coming out of the gloomy winter periods!
Until next time…..KEEP FEEDING FIBRE-BEET!