Sarah Bosomworth

Harewood, Leeds

Pikkert is a 10-year-old Dutch gelding by Weltino. We both love dancing to music and he loves playing in the field. He's best at getting dirty with stable stains and making mummy very cross, as it is usually before going training or when visitors come! I have only had Pikkert a month so far; we are doing really well and learning a lot from each other. He is a stunning dressage horse when clean, he likes to wear trendy clothes like fancy bright bandages and pads, honestly it’s not me its him, he thinks he’s so cool!

Proudest Moment:
Well seen as though we have not competed yet, we have no ribbons as yet.

I think I was proudest when I showed him to Annie Marie Perry my trainer, she loved our work together, she thinks we will do very well, with time and training, it’s going to be an exciting journey.

Feed & Routine:
Pikkert is fed 1/2 a scoop of Fibre-Beet, one cup of horse and pony nuts, and extra nuts if we are going on an adventure, just to give him that extra power voom voom! He ridden four times a week, loose lunged and turned out when dry and sunny, as he get so dirty! I have already spent too much on shampoo!