Steve Garrod

Asbhy, Leicestershire

Ufonzo (Ash) is a six-year-old Dutch Warm Blood. We finished in the top ten in the Burghley Young Event Horse finals last year. He's a really cheeky character who can be rather precocious at times! If he's not centre of attention, he's not happy! He's naturally very cautious which makes him spooky and he's very cautious with new people.

Proudest Moment:
There are two - qualifying and finishing in the top 10 Burghley Young Event Horse Final in 2014 and coming in the top 10 at my second ever attempt at an Advanced with my home produced mare Wyuma PH, amongst Olympians!

Feed & Routine:
Ash has a naturally good frame and carries condition easily. He is kept out as much as possible and fed straight crushed barley and either Fibre-Beet or Speedi-Beet, depending on his condition and time of year. We add electrolytes, soya oil and a joint supplement. He is ridden six days a week, with a competition and training outing included in that.