Sunny Days: A Bright Future Ahead

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Do you remember Sunny? He was a foal taken in by Hope Pastures Horse and Donkey Sanctuary. In autumn 2023, Sunny went off to his new loan home.

Sunny’s heartwarming tale is of resilience, compassion, and newfound joy. Rescued from uncertainty, Sunny’s future has transformed into warmth, love, and security.

Since arriving at his loan home, Sunny has blossomed. Basic training has become his second nature, with tasks like picking his feet, fly spraying, bathing, and visiting the vet no longer daunting challenges but opportunities for growth. His gentleness and eagerness to learn shows just what a special boy he is.

A touching aspect of Sunny’s journey is his love for grooming. During these moments, a bond forms between him and his loaner, and the silent exchange of trust and affection shows his newfound confidence.

Sunny’s integration into his new herd of two geldings (Sunny lookalikes) has been seamless, a testament to his adaptable nature and charm. His loan home describes him as a “lovely boy” with a hint of mischief balanced by impeccable manners and a heart filled with love. 

Sunny’s future looks bright as his loaner explains:

“I would like Sunny to eventually become a child’s riding pony so I will teach him to be ridden with assistance from my instructor. I would like him to be ready to be a pony for my child in years to come. There is also the option to potentially teach him to drive as my groom is experienced with this. However, I will take it slow and see how he responds as he grows to see what he will be best suited to.”  

Sunny’s experience exemplifies the power of love and care.  Every pony deserves a chance to thrive, and with kindness, even the most uncertain days can give way to a bright future. 

As we say goodbye to Sunny in his loan home, but we look forward to introducing you to another Hope Pastures resident and their journey to a new home. 

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