Team Sommerville Eventing November Update

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November is here… the month before December and CHRISTMAS!!! With the weather becoming very cold, certain members of the team are more than reluctant to make an appearance on the yard. However, the show must go on.

At the beginning of November, we had the pleasure of catching up with the Fibre-Beet team and talking over lots of exciting new developments with British Horse feeds, but most exciting we got to see and become more involved with new member, Harriet I’Anson. Harriet is such an amazing attribute to the Fibre-Beet team with a family passion and great knowledge to help many horsey people to feed the right combinations for their horses. We are thrilled to be working alongside Harriet and the team. Lucinda most of all being an old chum of Harriet’s!
In November, James and Lucinda visited the yearly Monart Horse sales in Ireland. We all enjoy going so much to view new talent. Lucinda enjoys it mainly due to the Monart Hotel being the best spa hotel in Ireland.
We were there for three days, mainly spent most of our time viewing the three-year-olds, which is James favourite part (no matter how cold it gets).

Soon with the sale over we headed home back to England, however with delays in traffic we managed to MISS OUR FLIGHT back home. Luckily there was another flight in a few hours, however into Manchester instead of Leeds Bradford and Lucinda’s parents came to the rescue and brought us safely home.

James was then off to Goresbridge horse sales, and viewing a few horses around Ireland at private yards, again looking for new talent. This time no flights were missed!

At home we have been busy getting horses into work, clipping them out and participating in the odd day hunting. Master Ramiro has taken to the job very well, making him more confident and excited about going across the country, ready for next year.

We have also had some more down time, being able to join in on winter festivities. Including Christmas light turn on gatherings and we had a lovely evening on Remembrance Day, where we went to Ripon Cathedral to listen to the Military Wives Choir and other amazing choir groups.

James this month has also had another Yorkshire Post article written by Lee Sobart. It is such a lovely article and makes all our team and horses very excited for the 2018 season, we are all having withdrawal symptoms from the season already. But mainly our team have been ticking over ready for the awaiting season, keeping horses happy and warm.

All our horses enjoy a warm treat of warm Fibre-Beet every day, lots of cosy beds and other treats, including polos (I am sure we probably keep Polo the company, in business).

So, with the run up to Christmas we will be enjoying a Christmas meal with all our owners and team, the ponies will be enjoying their Christmas treats and on Christmas day we will all be too stuffed and having to work off those puddings and chocolates!

Until then we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!