Team Sommerville Eventing Update

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James has a fantastic team for 2016. Lucinda Cornes, James’ head girl who has been with the team for four years and makes sure everything keeps going and Mabel Crampton, the new stable jockey who has worked for James previously whilst at school but this year has joined the team full time, along with her horse Ron. Team Sommerville includes a wide range of horses from young horses competing at the lower levels, all the way through to older horses who are at advanced/3* level.
The team are thrilled with their new partnership with Fibre Beet, they have been using the product for such a long time, really enjoying the benefits of this fantastic conditioning feed. Said James: “We highly rate Fibre-Beet knowing that the horses have a truly great foundation in their diets to perform at their best.”
Here is an introduction to a few of Team Sommerville’s four legged team members and most definitely a bunch to watch and follow in 2016!  

16hh 10-year-old gelding. Talent is our top horse running at Advanced level aiming at 4* at the end of the year/early 2017. Talent’s current career highlights include:

· Bramham CIC 3* 2015 20th double clear

· 5th Aston le Walls Advanced 8/9yr old 2015

· 14th CIC3* Burgham international 2015

16.2hh eight-year-old gelding. Captain is currently at Intermediate level having achieved advanced points. He is a hugely consistent horse with beautiful paces and a great jump. He is regularly placed in the top three, recently winning his second intermediate run at Richmond Horse Trials.
Jack is a 16.1hh 7yr old Gelding currently at novice level aiming at intermediate this year. He is a double novice winner, winning his first ever novice at Aston le Walls. Jack only came into his eventing career in May 2015 and progressed rapidly taking to it very easily.
Chief is a beautiful 6yr old gelding who is starting out his eventing career in 2016. In 2015 Chief campaigned in the Burghley Young Event horse classes winning a few qualifiers to gain a spot in the final where he went on to finish 9th after performing a beautiful dressage and jumping round.
Rocky, like Chief is coming 6 this year and will also be starting his eventing career in 2016. Rocky with his beautiful paces and impressive jump also gained a spot in the Burghley Young Event horse final.
Said Lucinda: “Over the winter period all of our horses have had a well-earned break and in December came back into work. They began slowly walking out and doing lots of hacking to condition their legs and prepare them for the season and harder work. We have then been training at home as well as being out and about, from showjumping at Port Royal, to XC training at Sommerford Park and Norton Disney. Re-jogging a few brains and showing the babies what it is all about. Each winter James often goes to Ireland to look for more talent to join the yard, going to private yards and performance sales. James came back this time with two lovely new horses, both 4 year olds. We are currently breaking them in and letting them learn the foundations. We are also preparing for our first event, Askham Bryan, with the babies, Rocky, Chief and Zac. Then it is on to Oasby with the older boys, Talent, Captain and Jack.”