Team Sommerville Update – December

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December for Team Sommerville is always a quiet one, however this year with a special team of horses more of them have come back into work earlier. James had an exciting trip at the beginning of December to Ben Hobday’s stag do – in Las Vegas! While James was enjoying the excitement in the US, our horses were very excited also enjoying coming back into work. When James came back we were on with the young horses progressing in their education very well and the older horses were beginning to behave and settle back into their work! James came back with some funny stories from his trip, our favourite however was this fab super car he got to drive!!
Here’s Little Alvin bonding with James.

With the horses back into work it was mine and Mabel’s go at clipping all the horses and giving them a touch up. (Pictured below is gorgeous little Talent after his first clip. His second is looming now!)

When we clip we make sure that straight after they have a very good shampoo after to remove all hair and dirt, we then proceed to rinse them with some vinegar and baby oil in the warm water giving them that extra shine!

In the second week of December the Team and the owners had a lovely Christmas meal at The Blue Bell in Arkendale. We all had a lovely catch up and talking about exciting future plans in 2017, not to mention we also enjoyed some delicious food!

Over the month the horses have had visits from all the right people to check up on them before next year and that everything is in order. Our fantastic dentist, Robin Earnshaw, came to give them all their routine checks. Robin is fantastic with them all making them enjoy the experience and making them feel all new again.  We have also had Tim Jarman, our physio, pop in checking them over, making their muscles feel fabulous ready for some work! The horses also have been visited by all their owners for lots of Christmas treats in which they thoroughly enjoyed.
Even though our horses have been back into work, it has been also a time of rest for us and especially Bertie, all of us caught the flu so we had a few evening bed bound. However we also spent a few evenings enjoying a few Christmas parties here and there. As you can see, Bertie enjoyed the bed idea more!!

Over Christmas the horses a couple of quiet days, however come Christmas morning all of us were out sorting the horses out and making sure they were perfectly happy before we went in to have our gorgeous Christmas meal, made jointly by the Cornes and Sommerville families!

We had a new arrival after Christmas, Chloe, a beautiful 6 year old bay mare from the amazing Irish team in Ireland, River Lodge Eventing! Chloe has settled in now, had a few sleeps when she first arrived but now is working very well and become part of the team! Chloe has a lovely temperament and good focus when in work, she acquires all the ability to be a fantastic event horse!!
At the end of December Lucie and I celebrated the New Year joining the amazing wedding of Mr Ben Hobday and Miss Emma Charmichael (now Mrs Hobday!). It was such an incredible day, filled with so much fun and love. I fulfilled my usher’s duties and was relieved to enjoy the evening celebrations with fantastic fireworks and friends!
Team Sommerville would love to wish everyone a very happy New Year!! Here is to a even better 2017 filled with excitement and success!!