You are currently viewing Feeding Fibre-Beet Well into The Forties!

Feeding the veteran is extremely important in making sure they get all the nutrients they need to keep healthy.

Some veterans struggle to eat as they get older due to dentition issues, but Fibre-Beet from British Horse Feeds has proven to be a popular choice for veterans like Cherry.

Cherry is a 14.2hh, 40-year-old heavy weight cob, owned by Lucy Williams from Warrington. She is fed on Fibre-Beet and continues to thrive.

Lucy is led to believe Cherry has not had an easy life and in fact she was dumped on her yard a few years ago. Her sweet face and vulnerable disposition was enough for Lucy to know that she was going to be part of the family and have a forever home with her.

Now Cherry is a companion to Lucy’s other ponies, a Highland and two Shetlands and she certainly keeps the gang in check. She also has a real knack for trashing the fencing and is an established escape artist, keeping the yard on its toes.

Said Lucy: “Cherry looks like a completely different cob and absolutely thrives on Fibre-Beet as she only has three working molars and really struggles to eat her food.

“I make Fibre-Beet really soft and soupy so she can easily eat it and by her reaction, how quickly she eats it and how clean her bowl is after, she finds it extremely palatable and always wants more.

“Cherry has such a cheeky personality and I am so glad we have ended up together as she looks really healthy and well at the grand old age of 40. Thanks Fibre-Beet!”