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British Horse Feeds is well known here in the UK, and it is great to hear that their feed is helping horses across the seas.

Abby Scott, from Queensland Australia, has been riding since she was nine-years-old and always had the dream of owning a Friesian.

That dream was to finally come true on her 21st birthday when a young Friesian entered her life.

Years passed, and Abby broke the colt in, kept him entire, competed him successfully and then decided to take him to a stud where he covered one of Abby’s thoroughbreds to produce her next star.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances Abby and her fiancé had to sell her horses including her mare carrying the foal and move 6,000kms away from home.

On October 1, 2015, Obe or CKP Obsidian was born and sold to a wonderful home, but two years later Abby received a call from Obe’s owner who was no longer able to care for him.

In an instance she took him back and he was transported all the way from Western Australia to Queensland which took 11 days.

Obe left the previous owner in perfect health and the transport company did a great job in getting him safely to his new home.

But with the length of the journey he gradually lost condition and when he arrived was ready for some rest and recuperation. Abby started to feed Obe, Fibre-Beet and he was soon back to looking fantastic.

“The difference in just six weeks was incredible and he is now in great condition,” said Abby.

“His coat is really shiny and as you can really see the difference, thanks Fibre-Beet!”